Hotel Room Intelligent Control System

  • System overview In the hotel business, the "of" broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure
  • to help the hotel to choose the most suitable communication network;
  • to help the hotel to choose the most suitable standard room, suite single room equipment and public
  • to help design personnel to provide engineering and design drawings;
  • to the hotel to provide a reliable, high-quality system products, to provide national testing agenci

1.     System overview

In the hotel business, the "of" broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure is the same purpose: "income" is determined by how much the source volume, and the "cost" is by the hotel operation and management of all expenditures. Among them, the energy expenditure is a major cost of the normal operation of the hotel. The scientific progress to enhance the service management level, saving operating costs, enhance the competitiveness of the hotel is green hotel is the pursuit of the eternal theme of modern intelligent, is the hotel to build a conservation minded society the significant contribution.

In addition, how to make intelligent hotel guest room management control system and hotel management system, electronic door lock system, air conditioning system, network system, security systems and other play comprehensive efficiency, forming a more complete smart hotel overall solution, and hotel, designers and related equipment manufacturers to work together.

Green, energy saving, high efficiency will be the future development direction of the hotel industry.

Intelligent hotel guest room management and control system, using computer control, communication and network technology, room RCU (RCU) based on a special network, security system of hotel rooms, access control system, central air-conditioning system, intelligent lighting system and service system for intelligent management and control, real-time monitoring of room state, guest demand, service condition and equipment, to assist the hotel the room equipment and internal resources for real time control of the integrated service management control system.

System using modular design, with energy saving, efficiency, to provide customers with personalized service, enhance the hotel management level and the hotel image and many other advantages. Due to its rich functionality, strong compatibility, and support with other systems interface, has become an essential part of the hotel's comprehensive intelligence.

KELSON Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest in hotel intelligent management control system research and development and production of enterprises, and has been in a leading position in the industry of science and technology, by the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Commission approved the "high-tech enterprise".

Intelligent KELSON since its inception in 2008, has been to promote the industry and social progress as its mission, the intelligent KELSON with "love to Jane, integrity and innovation" business philosophy, to stand on the strategic height of the development of the society and the hotel, to provide the most reliable and most economic and the most human of hotel control system as a whole solution for the mission, around the "energy saving, green, humanities, science and technology" the theme of several elaborate design of product system, continued to provide customers with the most competitive products and services.

KELSON intelligence oriented high-grade hotel launched "X-100 hotel intelligent management control system" (hereinafter referred to as the X-100 system), has been included in the Sheraton Hotel, the Hilton Hotel, hundreds of domestic star hotel is widely used, "IVOR" brand has become top brand in the industry, the company's market share rate among the forefront of the national counterparts.

Intelligent KELSON wish in the heart of love, uphold the principle of honest, trust and innovation spirit, by their great efforts, let all partners to the satisfaction and success become simple together to achieve itself and social harmony and sustainable development.